Friday, November 28, 2014

Today's Oil price is a Game Changer

Changes the retail stocks to the upside in EPS Growth in 2015.

Changes all transport stocks to the upside revision of EPS growth in 2015.

Get ready for an avalanche of analyst upward revisions to 2015 EPS estimates.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Merck Pipeline has 10 drugs currently under Review for Potential Approval, 12 in Phase III and 16 in Phase II

The List of the 10 drugs:
#1 Allergy, Grass Pollen
MK-7243 (US) 
#2 Allergy, Ragweed
MK-3641 (US)
#3 Antifungal
MK-5592 (IV)
#4 Fertility
corifollitropin alfa injection,
MK-8962 (US)
#5  Hepatitis C
MK-7009 (Japan)
#6  HPV-related cancers
HPV vaccine (9 valent)
V503 (US)
#7 Insomnia
MK-4305 (US)
#8  Neuromuscular Blockage Reversal
MK-8616 (US)
#9  Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer
MK-8109 (EU)
#10  Thrombosis
MK-5348 (US/EU)

For the full list of the drugs in Phase III and Phase II go to: Drug PipeLine for Merck